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Nyaniso bares it all

Mzansi actor and choreographer Nyaniso Dzedze has let the world in on his masturbation addiction.

The 32 year-old revealed that he had been addicted to “jacking off” for years but is now recovering.

The Ashes to Ashes actor revealed all this after a friend had posed the question, “Do you jack off?” on their Facebook group.

“I used to jack off tons,” he replied, “I used to jack off lank hard. I used to pretend that I’m sick on Sundays so my mom would leave me at home alone and I would jack off all day.

“More recently i would jack off from Saturday night till Sunday afternoon without a wink of sleep.”

He said that he would go days without sleeping, just caught up in his daily masturbation routine.

“I did this periodically for years. I started around 16 until at 30,” he said.

“I was an addict, I would say I am recovering now.

“I think I cancelled on friends once or twice in those years to jacking off.”

The actor said he used masturbation as a way of briefly dealing with “unattended demons” he had within him and no amount of shaming would make him stop.

“It was only when I started using emotional tools that addressed the root of my hurt.

“The more I worked on the heart of the problem, the less I needed porn and jacking off to feel better.

“Since I started moving my inner instability about two and half years ago I must have gone to porn and jacked off a few times rehabilitating, but I am not an addict anymore, he added.

“I don’t need it anymore.”

Source: Daily Sun