Home Sports Olympics board implements cardboard beds to discourage athletes from getting freaky

Olympics board implements cardboard beds to discourage athletes from getting freaky

The corona virus has governments and boards to come with different solutions to curb the spread of the virus. With the Olympics about to commence in Tokyo the board has seen it fit to implement cardboard beds so at to discourage athletes from getting freaky. The board wants social distancing implanted at all levels.

Although some are happy to see beds made entirely out of renewable materials, others are disappointed they will not be getting any this time. Everyone knows that this will not stop people from being freaky because the bed is not the only place that things can happen.

Pictures of these beds have been shared on social media and the world is shocked. To further deter festivities, alcohol sales will be banned. However, the board will distribute condoms to encourage safe s_x but only about 150 000 units which is about a third of the number of condoms distributed in Rio in 2016. Olympics officials have stressed the point that these distributed condoms are for athletes to use when they get back to their home countries after the games.

These restrictions are put so as to make sure people are safe. It would not be memorable if countries lose their starts at the Olympics. Three members of the South African team tested positive and this is a major blow. Many athletes from different teams are also testing positive but the world hopes they recover in time so that we all enjoy the games.

Corona virus has affected the world negatively and many countries are fighting hard to get their economies on track. Many people are laughing at the cardboard beds but the idea behind them is sensible now it is up to one to be careful or not.