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One by one they will pay in blood – Jackie Phamotse who exposed SA celebs who use snakes for money strikes again

Former slay queen, writer, businesswoman, and philanthropist Jackie Phamotse has sparked controversy following her recent tweet.

Phamotse wrote:

“One by one they will pay in blood. “

Phamotse did not mention any names but those who responded to the post were quick to mention that she was referring to celebrities who have passed on.

Since the beginning of the year, more than 4 celebrities have died.

Currently, Mzansi is mourning the death of another celebrity DJ Dimplez who died on Sunday after he collapsed.

DJ Dimplez’ death comes after the death of rapper Riky Rick who committed suicide on February 23.

Actor, Patrick Shai died early this year after he committed suicide and journalist Kuli Roberts also passed on after she collapsed.

DJ City Lyts also made headlines after he was shot dead recently.

Although she did not shed more light, if those who responded to Phamotse’s post are correct to conclude it’s celebrities’ death, it appears Phamotse is alleging that all these deaths that involve celebrities are not coincidental.

Check out Phamotse’s Twitter post below:

Phamotse’s post received mixed reactions as some were quick to dismiss her comment while some encouraged her to shed more light.

Some said she just wanted to promote her books.

Below are some of the comments to the post:

@KayMahlatsi wrote: ‘Bathong people die everyday. Celebrities are not immune to death.’

@FIGSONATION2 wrote: ‘Eish 🤧 🤧 we see the signs. None is talking about it.’

@bookworms_za wrote: ‘Every time I see you capitalize on someone else’s death. I cringe! This isn’t the time to be insensitive and push conspiracy theories. Real people are hurting, real people are mourning, real people are experiencing all these ugly emotions and they don’t need to hear this. Pls.’

@LeboLebo___ wrote: ‘You’re just trying to benefit out of people’s misfortunes.’

@KgomotsoTlhapan wrote: ‘Can you please elaborate more, how do you know?‘