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One Of The Maputla Brothers Might Not Be John’s Son

Your worst enemy may could be your great pal and your high-quality buddy your worst enemy they say, Let us look at Skeem Saam who would ever though that a day will come had been Mantuli and Meiki would flip out to be each other’s worst enemies, I bet no one noticed this one coming, but then it passed off anyways and I hope that as viewers you have discovered that all of us do has some dirty secret on them which they will in no way confess to you,

But then now that the current episodes has uncovered the rip-off that Mantulu is let us take a appear at the Maputla households to see if there might be another scam as an alternative of John, See the snap shots below

looking at the pictures of all the Maputla’s above am sure you have noticed that Leeto is the solely yellow bone in this household which is something very strange. But then simply like you as readers I noticed nothing wrong with it over the years but ever because Mantuli has been exposed I have began query myself if Leeto is simply a Maputla or not,

I imply It is very unusual for one to be that yellow in a household of Africans, So I determined to ask some fans of the exhibit on line to see what they assume about this whole element of Leeto being the only yellow bone in that family and this is what they said. Read the commes

As you can see, People appear to have blended reactions about this total factor some think that there is no way Meiki can do that to John however endure in mind that even that of Mantuli and John none of us saw it coming it took all of for a shock, So what is your take on this complete leeto thing.

Do you suppose that we have to Prepare ourselves for every other drama concerning the DNA of Leeto after this one of kwaito or now not everything?Remeber that the whole thing is feasible right here this is a soapie after all,