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Oskido leaves Kalawa Jazmee

It seems as though iconic house music maestro Oskido will be leaving Kalawa Jazmee. The muso who has a solid three-decade-long career in the music industry will apparently be leaving the music stable after co-founding it with Don Laka, Mandla Spikiri, Emmanuel Matsane, Mahoota, and Bruce Sebitlo.

This morning, Kalawa Jazmee‘s social media page announced the rather shocking news and wrote, “After years of contributing towards the talent of Mzansi and building a record label that played a role in the music industry today, @OskidoIBeliev bids farewell to Kalawa Jazmee.”

There is currently a media briefing taking place and they will issue out a formal press statement after the briefing is over.

Speaking to a local publication at the time, Oskido talked about the important role Kalawa played in earlier days and also what it had done for other artists pockets. “Kalawa Jazmee has been part of the pioneers of kwaito ever since we had a change from the bubblegum era. It happened around the death of the apartheid era.

“We decided to start creating our own music and start owning our own businesses in the music industry, not only in the form of entertainment but have ownership. It created an economy, Little did we know what we were creating was going to be something that was celebrated in our country and worldwide,” he told the publication.

We certainly do hope this is an April Fools joke because wow!