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How AKA’s mother is mourning Nelli’s death

AKA’s mother’s name is Lynn Forbes. She is known to be his biggest supporter, who always shows him support. She is also known to love AKA’s ex girlfriend, who is also the mother to AKA’s daughter, DJ Zinhle. The two of them have one of the best relationships. Last year, at some point AKA’s mother had moved into DJ Zinhle’s house, and this was when AKA was already dating Nelli.

At some point people assumed that she had not accepted or welcomed Nelli, as she had not posted any of Nelli’s pictures. Even when AKA engaged or paid lobola, Lynn remained quiet and didn’t say or post anything.

She is active on Instagram, and also manages her granddaughter, Kairo’s Instagram page. Lynn has not posted anything on both her Instagram, or Kairo’s Instagram since the news broke. She was also by AKA’s side at the funeral, showing support. By not posting anything on her Instagram, it represents respect, and how touched she is about the situation.