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Pabi Cooper’s S3x Tape Gets Trending

There has been some rumours going around the African artist Pabi Cooper . She has been trending all over the social media because of what people believe is a “s3x tape” . No one can really see her face in that video and as usual people just assume it is her and they start jumping to conclusions.

It somehow does look like her but it is not her, I mean why would she do that? Why risk ruining her whole beautiful music career? Yeah sure it will make her trend and somehow in a weird way promote her music because those who do no know her would start listening to her and it is said that she is releasing this week.

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Not to sound like a pervert but I did watch that video and it is nice, but I do not think that it belong to Cooper because I can tell from angles that those curves and figures are not Cooper’s , maybe she is just using one of the “street workers” to promote herself but that is really tarnishing her image.

Everything is now escalating as some people want to see the video but the “twitter lawyers” are busy warning them about some unknown acts that it is illegal to share nice mouth watering nudity content of someone without their concern , but what I say is who are we to not watch it? They recorded it so we can enjoy ourselves so let us just go with the flow. – Opera