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Pastor Makhado from AmaBishop reveals a secret about what they do in churches to increase the number

Born in Polokwane, South Africa, Makhado Freedom Sinthumule Ramabulana, grew up in a Christian family where both his parents are ordained pastors from the Apostolic Faith Mission Church. He grew up in a family of three children. He was raised by Christian values and principles. Makhado became a Christian during his teenage years, later attending the Apostolic Faith Mission of South Africa.

If you are a fan of the show AmaBishop, you would know there are a lot of controversy about what pastors and how they operate their churches. On the recent episode Pastor Makhado decided to share something about pastors and church which left Mzansi in disbelief. Usually we think of pastors around our areas as good people however he made a comment which changes everything.

He mentioned that the number of people in one’s congregation is very important, so pastors would literally go an extra mile just to ensure that their church is full of people. More people means more money of course. So he claimed that there are alot of pastors who take it a lot further. They bury body parts under the ground floor of their churches buildings. They do this because they want the numbers of people to increase. It seems he wasn’t necessarily including himself in this scenario, however people wonder how does he know so much about something he hasn’t done yet.