Home Celebrity Buzz Pearl Modiadie speaks after being s.e.xually harassed at Metro FM

Pearl Modiadie speaks after being s.e.xually harassed at Metro FM

Pearl Modiadie has finally got the courage to speak about the s.e.xual harassment she was subjected to at Metro FM.

Recall, the star worked at the station for five years and her contract was not renewed early last year.

She had complained to the station about what the manager has been doing to her.

However, it took her her years before she could talk about it.

The sources went ahead to share the email exchanges between her and the station’s marketing team.

In an e-mail to event organizers, who had booked Modiadie for an appearance, a representative from Metro FM’s marketing team wrote: “When do you need Pearl on stage and for how long?” – enquiring about the amount of time allocated to the presenter.

To Modiadie’s shock, her male manager responded to the e-mail, saying: “Yho since we are there, can I also get asked that question. When do you need Pearl and for how long … you are Pimpsta of the year. Sorry guys but that was really funny,” wrote the senior staff member.

Pearl was annoyed with the response and said: “I don’t find the response funny at all. This is highly inappropriate. I’m asking about a job that I’ve been booked for by the station and you are taking it in a completely different direction. This is not the first time you’ve made such comments where I’m concerned and I will not take it anymore”

My sincere apologies to you. It won’t happen again,” he wrote.

When contacted for comment, Modiadie confirmed that the incident did indeed happen.

“More than once, reference was made about my body shape and how ‘s_xy it is. Uncomfortable s_xual innuendos were thrown around during conversations, even in the presence of my now former colleagues,” she said.

“The outside broadcast you are referring to left me feeling like a piece of meat. It was an outside broadcast at a cricket stadium. I was wearing a tight jumpsuit and as we were taking pictures, he asked that I look the other way instead so that my ‘booty’ would be in the picture.

“There was also an incident where I had posted a bikini picture on Instagram and he inappropriately brought up a conversation about that picture and how ‘hot I looked’,” she said.

“The last s_xual remark he made was in an e-mail that other staff members were copied on. I responded that it made me feel uncomfortable and that I was tired of the s_xual harassment I was subjected to. This e-mail was sent during my radio show and only one of the guys copied stood up for me.

“He then apologized on e-mail and came down to the studio to apologize in person. I was visibly upset and in tears! Even the celebrity guest who was present for his studio interview saw all of this. I felt violated and couldn’t even show up for work the next day,” Pearl said.

“I had copied the then station manager in the e-mail and there was never a response from her. It was never addressed,” she said.

SABC’s management said the matter was not brought to their attention.

“The SABC can confirm that we are not aware of this matter,” SABC group executive for corporate affairs and marketing, Gugu Ntuli, said when approached for comment.

Taking to Twitter, Pearl stated that she is happy to have summon the courage to talk about it after keeping quiet for so long.

“kept quiet for too long until media picked it up and never have I been grateful for that because it finally gave me the courage to speak out about the s_xual harassment I was was subjected to at Metro FM.”