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Pearl Modiadie Speaks On ’Her Pregnancy’

Pearl Modiadie has slammed swirling pregnancy speculation, which dominated her TL on Monday.  

This after she shared a picture of herself at the zoo, which sent the rumour mill into a tizz.

In the snap, Pearl was wearing a crop top and some tweeps said she looked like she could be pregnant. 



Pearl cautioned fans on social media: “Wait for someone to make a pregnancy announcement before you start congratulating them. There are health conditions that can make women appear to be ‘pregnant’! It’s insensitive and rude to simply assume they are just from their appearance.”

Many people backed Pearl, while actress Terry Pheto said she had given up correcting people.

“Babe, I’ve been ‘pregnant’ for two years now. I’ve stopped correcting people. It’s insensitive and tiring … if only they knew what most women go through with fertility issues.”

Pearl reiterated Terry’s comment, saying a person could not explain everything to everyone. “There actually shouldn’t be a need to! Urgh, it’s so tiring! (Love) to you babe!”

– TimesLIVE