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Pearl Modiadie’s reaction shocks fans

Pearl Modiadie is not usually known to clapback at critics on social media, so when she unleashed a whole lot of spice on a tweep, who implied she wears too much makeup, other followers were shooketh.

The Metro FM presenter was just minding her own business when she wished her followers a good, productive day when the tweep strolled onto her TL and decided to attack her for her face beat.

According to this particular chap, sis needs to “lay off the makeup”.

But Pearl wasn’t having any of it and she told him where to get off!

Pearl who deleted her clapback after the tweep deleted his tweet, agreed with other followers that he got what he was looking for.

“Lol. No, he’s walking around with a lot of hurt that he projects on other people,” Pearl said.

Whatever the reasons the troll may have had to justify his “shade” or “hate” towards Pearl, there’s just one thing tweeps wanted him to know… as far as beauty goes Pearl is right up there with the very best Mzansi has to offer.

And her followers said as much on the TL… Because sis is really beautiful!

Source: TimesLIVE