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Pearl Teases Fans With Her Steamy S3X Scene

Pearl Thusi has been all the way up in her career of late. From numerous hosting gigs, to her alcohol brand, Black Rose Gin making great sales, to her acting gigs. And now, as she gears up for the launch of her latest film, Wu Assassins: Fistful of Vengeance tomorrow, she has warned of a steamy sx scene, sparking everyone’s interest.

The actress took to Twitter to announce that the movie is finally dropping, after months of waiting. But she gave a teaser: there will be a hot sx scene.

Now, she asked fans not to focus only on the sx scene. But this has to be her marketing genius showing its face, because how can you promise a steamy scene then ask fans to forget about it?

Just like that, she has already gotten tongues wagging about the film, and it’s not even out yet. It’s all people can talk about now, and everyone is excited to watch the scene. Of course we will watch the rest of the movie in the process, which is why her tactic was rather ingenious.

Naturally, fans want to know what this means for her latest beau, Michael Bucwa, aka Mr Smeg. The Twitter influencer unexpectedly scored himself a date with Pearl, which nobody could have foreseen. Just from social media, he shot his shot and she said yes.

The two of them then treated us to an afternoon of giggles and smiles, as we watched their cute budding romance on YouTube. They both turned out to be charismatic and charming, and they caught us by surprise when they hit it off immediately.

They have been minding each other since then. Mr Smeg often posts about Pearl being gorgeous, and Pearl has returned the favour a few times too. Although they were supposed to go on a date on Valentine’s day, the actress traveled to Dubai on short notice. But they were still sweet to each other online, even while worlds apart, and we love to see it.

Now fans wonder whether it will be safe for Smeg to watch the film in which his beauty has a steamy sx scene with another man. Supposing it’s not just all for publicity, and he is actually smitten by her (it’s Pearl, who wouldn’t be?), then should he really watch it? I mean, he obviously knows it’s acting, but bathong.

Pearl answered and asked Smeg not to watch the scene. It’s much too steamy, so he certainly should close his eyes when he gets to it, then watch the rest of the film. If it’s that unsafe, we are intrigued for sure!

What about you? Would you be able to watch your partner in a steamy sx scene with someone that’s not you?