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Pearl Thusi: I Would Rather Die Than Work For Metro FM

TV and radio personality Pearl Thusi revealed that she would rather die than go back to Metro FM after a fan suggested that she and Phat Joe can host a show at the station.

#JusticeForPearl joined the trending topics on Twitter after Pearl Modiadie opened up about the s_xual h_arassment that she was subjected to at Metro FM.

Pearl subtweeted an article about her s_xual h_arassment allegations saying she is happy that the media is talking about it, she said that gave her courage to open up.

“I kept quiet for too long until media picked it up and never have I been grateful for that because it finally gave me the courage to speak out about the s.e.xual h_arassment I was subjected to at Metro FM,” she tweeted.

Sunday World quoted pearl talking about different incidents when the alleged h_arassment took place.

“ It was an outside broadcast at a cricket stadium. I was wearing a tight jumpsuit and as we were taking pictures, he asked that I look the other way instead so that my ‘booty’ would be in the picture. There was also an incident where I had posted a bikini picture on Instagram and he inappropriately brought up a conversation about that picture and how ‘hot I looked.

The last s_xual remark he made was in an e-mail that other staff members were copied on. I responded that it made me feel uncomfortable and that I was tired of the s_xual h_arassment I was subjected to. This e-mail was sent during my radio show and only one of the guys copied stood up for me” Pearl told the Publication.

Calling for justice for Pearl @Youngsam tweeted: “#justiceforpearl Can We Stop Listening To The Station, So That SABC Could Do The Right About This Situation. Letting The Guy To Step Down, Isn’t Doing Shit Right. Pearl Needs To Be Compensated For All The Past Months, And Have Her Contract Renewed.”