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Pearl Thusi just throw shade at long time bestie DJ Zinhle?

For a long time, South African actress and Isono star Pearl Thusi and musician Zinhle Jiyane aka DJ Zinhle have been bestie goals. However, in recent months, the pair hasn’t served as much friendship content as they have in the past. Pearl Thusi, in fact, recently left many of her followers guessing about the state of their friendship after sharing a very sad and slightly shady Instagram Story about friendships and how, despite receiving no support from her friends, she will always be supportive of them.


Friendships come and go, especially among celebrities in South Africa, who frequently fall in and out of friendships with one another.

Another friendship appears to have died, and it is one that many people were not expecting.

Many people have been wondering what is going on between Pearl Thusi and DJ Zinhle, who appear to have drifted apart in recent months.

The pair, who made many envious with their friendship goals, no longer post together as frequently and are now even throwing shade on Instagram – or at least Pearl is.

Taking to her Instagram, Pearl shared a quote about friendships and how friends should support and lift each other consistently. Commenting to the quote she wrote how she’s not sure if friendships are still the way even though she stays supportive – regardless of whether she is receiving support or not:

“Yeah I don’t know about this anymore. But I really can’t stop myself. Love is love.”

Gossip blogger Musa Khawula posted screenshots of the IG story leaving many people sharing their thoughts on Zinhle and her lack of support for Pearl.


@Thuli_Sthuli said:

“One-sided support. She deserves better. DJ Z didn’t post her on her birthday, but she posted Brandon on his birthday, posted AKA on fathers day. Posted a whole lot of other people around her circle on their special days – but just not Pearl. I would have taken my L already.”

@exiblebloke said:

“Reciprocity has been replaced by selfishness in society, that’s why marriages, friendships, and all other relationships don’t last. People want fans in their lives, not people that they can love and respect.”