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People are surprised to hear about Fikile’s age from Generations and to see her twins

Meet Refilwe Madumo popularly know as Fikile from Generations The Legacy on SABC1 airing for Monday to Friday 8pm. She is one of the actress in South Africa who has been active from for a very long time now. She has been in many soapies and sitcoms. She is one of the best actress in the acting industry and she nails every role. She can be a mother or a daughter of someone. She can also be a player of every man or a humanitarian.

Real names: Refilwe Madumo

From: South Africa

Age range: 30 to 40 years old

Occupation: Actress

Marital status: Not public

Children: 2 (Twins)

Net worth: $850, 000

Active: Range from 1998 to 2021 still going

Refilwe and her twin boys

Refilwe is one of the people who is very secretive about her life. In most media interviews in print, there’s no much details about her personal life. She doesn’t share much of her life like the way she does on her role as Fikile on Generations The legacy. Many people are only acting and they are not those characters.

In some cases, other actors and actress tend to act their lives through television roles. Not all together but to entertain people while they express their personality. This is not a fact, it’s only acting. They appear rich on roles and when you come to their real life they are still rich to some cases but not vice versa.

Since the start of pandemic, Refilwe as Fikile is no longer doing kissing scenes on shows to avoid contracting Covid-19 as she fears and they whole show fears. They are adhering to the health protocols as they are not related in. romance. So this will be easy for them to understand and it’s safe.