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People are surprised to see Mbatha’s house in real life [No house on Uzalo]

Mbatha doesn’t have a house on Uzalo, see his house and his car in real life instead.

Thabo William Mnguni known as Mbatha on a popular TV series drama Uzalo, he own a beautiful house in real life. He portrays a role of a pastor want to be and he do everything he can to be the main pastor. Take a little moment to know his biography.

Real names: Thabo William Mnguni

Born: 28 August 1965

From: KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa

Occupation: Actor and businessman

In real life, Thabo(Mbatha) is kind a person who likes to have fun with his friends, hanging out and drinking sometimes. She is also seen as a person who loves to do shopping and buying lot of things. Same way you see him wearing nice clothes, so is in real life. The man has style on Uzalo and in real life, he knows how to wear for his age and behave like that.

On other thing is that Mbatha doesn’t have a house on Uzalo, he always appears to attend the church and walking around the streets. In real life he has a house and he likes to be at home with his friends or alone. People wonder if he has a house on Uzalo because he keeps inviting people to his house but never arrived or shown.

Mbatha is a pastor want to be at Kwamashu Kingdom Church, he is in forever battle with all the main pastors. He sometimes wins the battle but no for too long, he owns the throne for only two to three weeks and loses it.

This is Mncedisi sitting outside his home. You see, he does have a house. People have been wondering how come a respected man like him doesn’t have a house on Uzalo. People like Gabisile also wears only one pair of shoes the entire series. In real life Baby Cele (Gabisile) owns expensive Louis Vuitton shoes.

Inside Mncedisi’s house, he has a 54 inch television, a huge wall clock and a couch. He is a man of style and he loves beautiful or sentimental things.

Mncedisi outside his house, he is standing near his second car.

Mncedisi’s first car seen on social media.