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People Laughed And Called It A Shack Until They Entered

This days, people are learning to build out of anything cheap and at the same time available. Nowadays, we now see buildings built out of only wood, corrugated zinc, mud and even shipping containers and all of them delivers that same task, shelter. Today, where blocks and bricks are greatly increasing in cost day by day people have no option than to run to cheaper alternatives.

Looking at this building, some people would definitely call it a shack while looking at the exteriors but once you step inside, your view about the whole house will change in a second. Many people are taking this direction not because they are poor but because they want to live a mortgage free lives, debt free, become their own landlord and bosses and have no one to worry them at the end of the month/year in the name of rent.

The house has everything a house dreamer can think of even though it looked like a shack from the outside, a furnished sitting room, a nice bedroom, kitchen, dining room, it has it all.

The only major set back here is that the house can get so damn hot when the sun is out because corrugated zinc conducts a good amount of heat. What do you think about this house?