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People Spotted Something Inside The Socks Mboro Was Wearing On Last Night Episode Of #AmaBishop

Paseka Frans Motsoeneng is a South African televangelist and Prophet of Incredible Happenings Ministries. He was born on the 8th of April 1968 in Katlehong. His main church is based in Katlegong, East Rand of Johannesburg. Mboro is one of the Pastors who claim to heal HIV.

There is a show called AmaBishop on Moja Love DStv 157 airing every Sunday with the host by Nimrod. In the show they are Pastors with different viewpoints come together to discuss their religious beliefs. They debate uncomfortable topics like decolonizing Christianity to fit the African context, and whether Jesus was black or white. They aren’t out to force their opinions on each other, but rather to have a healthy conversation about God and theology.

In yesterday’s episode, Pastor Mboro was there and Solomon fried him like a chicken. The topic was hot where Pastor couldn’t even sit comfortably on the as things were hot. Pastor Mboro was asked about the R1 Million gave him and he said the money was for a certain charity and people were asking why the money went through Mboro. Moboro even said R1 Million is nothing. He was feeling the heat as he stood up like he wanted to take out the gun and deal with Solomon. Mboro even told Nimrod to take over his show because Solomon doesn’t want to give him chance to talk.

With all the drama was happening on the show, people noticed something on Pastor Mboro’s legs. Looking at his legs who will notice that there is something inside Mboro’s socks. Some were saying maybe is Muthi while others said he is wearing leggings.

Pastor Mboro used something to balance his suit as it was looking big.