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People were left speechless by Jackson Mthembu’s house

It has been few days since the passing of Mr JacksonMthembu , I must say his passing really revealed the kind of a person he is . I can bet that if we were to go to each an every politician of SA , their houses would be very different from his house .

He surely left so many people in a shock , asking themselves what really happened, why hasn’t he build those big houses we see on tv and on other ANC members ?. Mthembu suffered a lot because of the Covid-19 that in the end claimed his life . Upon his passing, he was admitted in a hospital where they were treating him.

After his passing it was also reported that his doctor or the Doctor who was treating him has passed away on an accident (Airplane) . It has t been revealed yet on what went down for the accident to occur. But those are just a matter that was close to his name .

Mzansi was left speechless after realising this kind of a house that Mthembu was living at . They also said that he was a very humble person who was alway living a true life without any hustle. He did not build a fancy house because he knew that he doesn’t need a bigger house to prove to anyone on what he does for a living .

People went on to say that if he had been our president then we will wouldn’t be dealing with the things that ANC is doing . He understood the situation of his people and by so doing that he knew that being a leader was because of these people . His house is just a simple house with no security house or any guards. This is what a true leader does. RIP Tata.