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PIC: DJ Shimza who lost a 2.6 Million Mercedes Benz gets a Private Jet

DJ Shimza’s search for his stolen car has proven to be fruitless so far, so he’s turning his head to the skies for a possible alternative.

The DJ was distraught back in January, when he revealed that his Mercedes G63 had been stolen from his house. He took to social media to enlist help from his followers, saying:

“My car has been stolen out of my garage from Blue Valley Golf Estates in Centurion, license plate FN 23 MB GP, please contact @sapoliceservice or call 0732568494 should you have any information that may lead to recovery of the car”

He hasn’t had much luck in recovering the vehicle but on Monday afternoon he seemed to have found himself a new solution: Going the private route:

Shimza might not be incredibly far off from the idea, considering his many recent successes. Outside of his vehicle and love life, Shimza’s career has been a highlight reel of victory after victory so you’d imagine he can afford to travel private on a full time basis.

Plus, it would be a great way to dodge that Midrand Traffic!

Source: ZAlebs