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Pick Your Fighter Tebogo Thobejane Vs Buhle Samuels. Who Will Win?

Film graduate and businesswoman Tebogo Thobejane recently joined Muvhango and fans can’t get over her. Whether is because of her acting skills, good looks, or her banging body, we don’t know. But what we do know right now is that Tebogo is a hit with the fans. Check out some of the reactions from viewers below.

Well, some might know her from her sizzling hot Instagram account, the actress also has another lucrative side hustle. The actress is on OnlyFans since 2020 with no plans of quitting any time soon.

Talking to City Press she has this to say:
“My seminude and lingerie pictures are everywhere on social media and many people can access them for free. I am glad that I am now getting paid as a content creator for my pictures. Although I have other businesses, this is an easy way to make money just by using my smartphone in the comfort of my own home,”

“I am doing this as a side hustle to feed my family. I am also embracing my body as a chubby woman. I was born with this body and I am proud of it. I also want to inspire other chubby women not to be ashamed, to show off their curvy bodies. No one is perfect.
Although she is not posting nudes, fans can get explicit content from her account.

Not everything has to be nudes, although the content has predominantly been porn. But my fans should expect more explicit and exclusive content from my account,” Thobejane said.

She says she started it after she failed to get funding for her business.

“One of the things that encouraged me to join this platform is that I got frustrated asking for money from men whom I believed had the potential to fund my business. It needs R200 000 for it to kick off.

“After I sent a proposal to several wealthy men, I just realized that most of them were just interested in sleeping with me, instead of empowering me as a woman,” she said. “Wealthy men always want to own you, hence they wouldn’t invest in your business even after you have presented a business plan and showed them investment returns.”

Want to see her content? Here is how much you can expect to pay. R315 monthly or R925 for three months.

Here are a few more facts about her.

She is a film graduate, and producer and hold a BA in film producing

Thobejane was born and bred in Johannesburg

Her father is the late Obed Thobejane who co founded hair company Black Like Me.

Thobejane owns Rush Productions a promotionds company that has helped bring foreign artsist to South Africa.

She owns charity called Botlhale.