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PICS: 6 South African Celebrities With Leaked Nude Pictures

It’s a known fact that nudity in the entertainment industry sells well, too well, in fact. Humans have a thing for nudity; that’s why most popular video songs and films contain some form of nudity.

Some famous celebrities that we know and love today, like American socialite Kim Kardashian, shot to fame after their nudes or s*x tapes were leaked.

A few South African celebrities, too, have had their nudes leaked online either with their knowledge or without their consent. Let’s take a look at some of these celebrities.

Pearl Thusi

This beautiful actress/model knows that she is beautiful and she is very confident about her body. She is one of the few South African celebrities with leaked nudes and she is proud of them.

In 2013, Pearl Thusi posed nude for the Marie Claire South Africa Naked Issue. The magazine issue was usually for a good cause, including charity and campaigns that promoted body positivity.

While in most photos Pearl posed in a way that hid her goody-goodies, her b**bs are completely visible in a few.

Even though Pearl Thusi’s nude photos looked good, we think she also looks great in clothes. Her fashion style is on another level.

Babes Wodumo

The queen of Gqom, Babes Wodumo, is also among the South African celebrities with leaked nudes.

It is said that the internet never forgets, and indeed it’s true. A few years ago, Babes Wodumo’s nude photos from the past made their way to Twitter, and boy did she trend for days.

In the photo, Babes Wodumo looked quite young and innocent. It is pretty unclear who leaked the nude photo, which by the way, is still available on Twitter.

Khanyi Mbau

Khanyi Mbau either loves controversy, or controversy loves her.

But what we love about this actress is that she is very open about her life. She is among the very few celebrities who proudly confess to bleaching, while others still deny it.

In 2011, Khanyi Mbau became one of the South African celebrities with leaked nudes. The photos were allegedly leaked by an ex-lover. In a past interview with Pearl Thusi called Behind The Story with Pearl, Khanyi revealed how the incident had cost her a job.

Perhaps we can all learn something from her nude saga, your nudes are not safe in another person’s phone, not even if you are dating and in love.

In 2020, Khanyi also posed nude for Marie Claire SA issue in a campaign titled Dear Body that promoted body positivity.

Boity Thulo

Like Pearl Thusi, Boity Thulo’s nudes only made their way to the public for a noble cause.

In 2014, the actress/ television personality was featured in Marie Claire Magazine’s naked edition. The cause for this particular edition was to raise awareness towards children living in poverty in South Africa.

Boity Thulo’s nudes were a hit among her fans and tweeps, and sis trended for days on Twitter under the hashtag #BoityReaction.

Joining in on the trend, the popular food franchise- Nando’s saw a marketing opportunity for their chicken and took it. Using the same hashtag, they created an ad with the caption “We also have a naked hot chick.” Some tweeps definitely liked Nando’s ad better than Boity Thulo’s nudes.

Prince Kaybee

2021 was a rough year for Prince Kaybee, and he just had a big sigh when the year finally ended. The year saw Prince Kaybee added to the infamous list of South African celebrities with leaked nudes.

The famous deejay’s woes began after his alleged side chick decided to go public with their affair, exposed him, and leaked his nudes. At the time, Prince Kaybee was in a relationship with radio girl Zola Mhlonga.

For the next few days, Prince Kaybee’s nudes made rounds on the internet, and while at first, he denied the cheating allegations, he eventually came clean about it and apologized to his mother and then-girlfriend. The apology, unfortunately, didn’t help him save his relationship.

Pulane Lenkoe


Pulane Lenkoe is among the South African celebrities with leaked nudes. She became an overnight celebrity in 2013 after her nude photos were released to the public.

Pulane, who was a student at the time, gained over 14000 followers in less than 72 hours after her photos went viral. Before that, nobody had ever heard of her.

While it was widely believed that a bitter ex-boyfriend leaked Pulane Lenkoe’s nudes, some speculated that she might have leaked them herself to gain fame; either way, she became famous.