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PICS: A looter was arrested and left people heartbroken after seeing what she looted

Two weeks ago the South Africa made headlines globally for unlawful behaviour. Parts of KwaZulu Natal and parts of Gauteng province started a strike that ended up becoming a looting spree.

It started as a protest to support former President Jacob Zuma, this was after he decided to hand himself over to the police station to start serving a sentence of 15 months.

This became the biggest looting spree in the continent, every store was looted. It went from shops to supermarkets to Malls and even factories. Some where even burnt to the ground.

The South African Police Service later started a door to door search to recover stolen goods in places surrounding Malls and shops that where looted.

The door to door searches is still in process, everyday the police recover many stolen goods and make a number of arrest.

Ever since the search began, pictures of the looted goods circulate on social media platforms daily, and this picture in particular left social media heartbroken.

A 35 year-old woman was arrested for looting many packs of pads and Maize Mealie, things that are a necessity to have in our daily lives, things that we need to survive.

This shows that many people in the country are living in poverty and therefore are unable to make ends meet. Some previously explained on national tv that they looted because they are in need of the goods they stole and can’t afford them.