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PICS: A woman who brews traditional beer was found putting this to attract customers

There are a lot of beliefs amongst different cultures and a lot of practices that are done in order to attract luck in people lives.

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Some of the methods that people use are rather questionable as they may be disgusting and rather unhygienic. Therefore people do these disgusting things without being seen so that the customary consume the products unknowingly.

A certain woman who is well known for brewing traditional beer for consumption was caught red handed after she put her pant inside the beer that people will drink. It is believed that it is a potion used to attract customers. Once they drink that alcohol they will keep coming back to buy more.

A lot of people were pissed off after seeing this because it is just disgusting. There are a lot of germs found on a human’s body not to mention the pants so to put that for people to drink is just poor evilness.

Noone knows if these methods work for real in attracting customers or it’s just a myth. However even though it might be true she had no right to make people drink her dirt.

This should be a lesson to people to avoid buying home made beer from anywhere because you will never know what you are drinking. It will be better if you buy your alcohol from reputable stores or rather brew your own if you like home brewed beer.