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PICS: Actress Thuso Mbedu and DJ Sbu now dating

The year 2019 has been presenting us with new couples in the world of celebville, hasn’t it? We have recently seen the unveiling of media personalities, Phelo Bala and Moshe Ndiki with their beautiful and inspiring love story. Now could it be that Mzansi’s next IT couple would come in a form of two time Emmy nominated South African actress, Thuso Mbedu and Radio station owner and entrepreneur, DJ Sbu?

According to the recent snaps of Thuso Mbedu and DJ Sbu, these two had a blast in the United Stated of America recently. However when one looks closely at their photos, it is easy to pick up that they were travelling together. Their pictures correlate, therefore it was not much of hassle to connect the obvious dots. From the outside, these multi talented media personalities seem like an unlikely pair, but we could never know the inner workings of this ”relationship”.

A few days ago, the pair spent some down time at this the beach in California. In a video posted by Thuso Mbedu, DJ Sbu is heard giggling away in the background in his signature heavily husky voice.

Not much is known about the intricate details regarding the love lives of both DJ Sbu and Thuso, therefore it might be a while till they decide to officially come out in public with their relationship.

Take a close look and listen, to the video and sizzling images below. These two clearly lived it up in Hollywood.

On exactly the same day, DJ Sbu posted this picture on his Instagram page.

Another celebrity that we have our eyes fixed on, is Live Amp’s DJ Lamiez Holworthy and rapper, Khuli Chana. These two are another case of a celebrity couple that has not officially come out in the open with the state of their relationship. Though private, their loved up snaps on their respective Instagram pages did not miss our eyes, as we were quick to recognise the correlation and nuances on their photos.

Khuli Chana and DJ Lamiez, enjoyed some down time in the Eastern side of Africa, Tanzania. Though Khuli did not post any picture of his bae. It was, indeed Lamiez who gave it away by posting a picture of herself and Khuli on her Instagram.

Source: ZAlebs