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PICS: Bryanston students use buckets, metal pots to carry learning material to school

The king’s college and preparatory school is a South African high school that is located at Bryanston, Sandton in the Gauteng Province. The school is a multi-cultrural school it incorporates people from different cultural backgrounds. Just like all other schools in South Africa, the school dedicates one or two days for its learners to have fun and enjoy being at school. At king’s college, all the learners had to come to school without their regular school bag or backpack. This is important for learners and teachers to improve learning and teaching. The school should be a place to learn and also enjoy the entire experience.

The no backpack day was not simply done for fun but it’s one of the school’s strategies to improve social interaction and team building. The learners did not disappoint, they used hilarious things to carry their school material to school from metal pots, tables, baskets, wheelbarrows, and buckets. The school was not worried about guns because it has a strict policy no weapons are allowed on the school premises. School spirit activities seem to bring a lot of students from different races and backgrounds together. The schools have many fun activities such as dress-up days participating in those activities makes the school environment better and more fun. They want to be more involved they also share their ideas for the no-back pack day and have more fun than ever before.

Making more friends and creating a fun school spirit is one of the most important things at school for most learners. Most learners feel there should be more dress-up weeks. I think this is an excellent idea and more schools in South Africa should implement this idea. The only concern with this idea for most schools is that if the learners bring weapons if security is not tight. But despite all the concerns being a student is about creating memorable memories and enjoying the high school experience while learning. Do you think all South African schools should implement the No backpack day idea? Leave your comment below and follow for more. – Via opera news

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