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PICS: Dineo Ranaka shows off her Husband

Dineo Ranaka is known as a no-nonsense person, especially when her worth in a relationship is undervalued. The radio and TV personality is known to preach self-love and knowing your self-worth in a relationship; encouraging women not to settle.

She had dropped the bombshell of her marriage a few weeks ago without showing us the identity of her husband.

That has all changed as she took to IG and showed off a picture of her kissing her husband with the caption: “l missed you”.
judging by her Instagram posts, the DJ has found her Prince charming and she is happy and glowing in love. The couple has been serving couple and love goals all over Instagram and Dineo’s day ones are loving the content.

Mostly,the powerhouse executive produced one of Mzansi’s new shows called Mzali Wam. While the show has been winning hearts, the credits caught some attention. Instead of just Dineo Ranaka it’s Dineo Ranaka Pesha and the internet can’t deal.