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PICS: #Gomora Star Teddy In Bed With An Older Woman Leaves People In Shock

People on social media was left scratching their heads after a picture of a couple laying in bed. A lot of people thought that it was their favorite young actor.

A picture of a couple in bed has been trending on social media, and people thought that the guy in the picture was Sicelo Buthelezi, Teddy, from Gomora.

When people initially saw the picture, they thought that it was the actor. There are some similarities in appearance between the two men. The guys has a baby face just like Scelo Buthelezi.

The man’s name is Simnikiwe Gamu. On the bio of his Facebook page, he wrote “Age is nothing but a number.” He was trying to let people know that he is attracted to older women, like the women in the picture.

The woman is evident older than the man. He is her Ben 10. People had a lot of negative things to say about the woman. They thought that it was very inappropriate for her to be taking pictures with a younger man in bed.