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PICS: Good To See Pearl And DJ Zinhle Back Together Again

In the South African landscape of celebrities, no other friendship between prominent personalities was goals like that of Pearl “Sthe” Thusi and Zinhle “DJ Zinhle” Jiyane. Initially believed to have formed their strong bond following DJ Zinhle’s first baby daddy doing her wrong by leaving her for Queen B*. Since then, the two seemed inseparable for years as they attended each other’s everything, and we mean everything.

But in recent months it seemed that the friendship might have been fractured as DJ Zinhle was believed to have iced out Sthe due to her alleged superiority complex. However, after months of speculation whether the two were still BFFs, the two have returned to not only squash the rumors, but in the spirit of DJ Zinhle-Secure-The-Bag, also reintroduced themselves by collecting a sizable bag too.

Pearl Thusi and Lerato Kganyago’s friendship in recent months

May 2022 was the height of when the public was speculating on whether Pearl Thusi and DJ Zinhle’s friendship was truly over. The biggest reason being that during the month of May, Thusi was celebrating her birthday month with a slew of celebrations. However, throughout that month and even on her actual birthday, on social media it seemed like there was radio silence between the two.

Then in came Lerato Kganyago for Thusi. On Saturday, 28 May 2022, Thusi and Kganyago shared Instagram stories of their time together out for dinner. Their stories on social media came following reports of Kganyago allegedly dragging Zinhle for continually giving her the cold shoulder when they saw each other in public. In light of this fact, it was easy to assume that Thusi and Kganyago’s friendship was founded in the heart break of both their failed friendship with Zinhle. So, it did not come as a surprise as the two reunited again this past Friday. But Thusi then shook us all when Saturday night came around.

It’s Official, Pearl and Zinhle Era Is Back On

When it was shared on social media that Lerato Kganyago and Pearl Thusi were hanging together again on Friday, the image shared of the two friends did not reveal one important detail about Thusi. Hidden by the angle of her pose and the lapels of her blaze was the signature Era by DJ Zinhle gold choker. The choker should have been the first indication that maybe we all just needed to drink our water and mind our own business.

The reason being that when Saturday came around, Thusi and DJ Zinhle revealed that they were hosting at the popular Bryanston Rockets together. Armed with an Era by DJ Zinhle Money Bag, Thusi and DJ Zinhle honoured their hosting duties together to an adoring crowd which was happy to see the two together again.


And if you are wondering where DJ Zinhle’s creative director and recent most consistent hype girl Moozlie was this time around? It seems that the Young MaBrr was present with her own bestie, Thabsie, supporting from the sidelines as the friendship goals returned.