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PICS: Major League Twins In H0rrific Accident

Lockdown was a very difficult time for a lot of creatives but a few are sharing their gratitude. Cassper Nyovest opened the floor for other creatives to also recognize their blessings for being able to continue doing what they love, despite the difficulties which came with the pandemic.

“Dawg, how the hell did we survive lockdown and kept our cars and homes? Let alone our minds. There must be a living God! I had no plan whatsoever. I am soo grateful to be here. Thank you Jesus!” exclaimed Cassper.

One of the people grateful to be standing tall despite the many setbacks they endured during lockdown are the Major League DJz. The duo consisting of Bandile and Banele Mbere, not only could not gig and tour around the world like they normally would, but they also got into a horrific car accident.

If you were wondering why one of the twins walks around in crutches, now you know. Without getting into too much detail, the Twins spoke about how horrific the accident was and how they almost lost their lives.

Responding to Cassper, the twins said they too are grateful despite the taxman hounding them for payment and of course, the accident, “…wait and we went through the craziest car accident, we all most died. God has really been good to us, so so grateful,” they wrote on Twitter.

They shared images from the scene where their car looks damaged, probably beyond repair and one of the them laying on the floor.

The accident took place in 2020 when they were on their way to a gig. An event organiser told Daily Sun, “They were driving to my event and were coming from another one when the accident occurred. Only one made it to the party because the other one was injured,” said DJ Mabhodo.

Their manager Thuthu told the publication, “The accident did happen, but the twins don’t want to talk about it. They are keeping it on the low. It’s not something they want to get into.”