Home News PICS: Malema finally got the looting gogo out of jail

PICS: Malema finally got the looting gogo out of jail

EFF leader Julius Malena finally delivered on his promise, this came after he asked people to give him information about the poor gogo who was arrested for looting. The picture of her crying as the police was arresting her left many people heartbroken including Malema, so he offered to get her out if jail. Malena got a lawyer the the old granny and even paid her bail and thanks to him she is now a free woman. Considering his old she is she didn’t deserve to stay in prison and Malema saved the day by getting her out.

Its really sad what hunger can make you do, after the looting started everyone who have been suffering from hunger in silence so an opportunity to feed themselves. A lot if people really understand where thus gogo is coming from as they say she was only trying to get food for herself and the police should have been more sympathetic with her considering giw she cried when she was caught. We are leaving in hard times and lockdown even made things worse because people don’t have means to fend for themselves as their movement are limited.

However, we are just happy and glad that the old lady will sleep in her home and not in a prison cell. A picture of the old Lady as she had just been released from jail qaa shared by one of the EFF members with caption, “Thank you Mr President @Julius_S_Malema for making sure that our grandmother is released from prison. They are calling you by all sorts of names but you must never give up on us President. You are the only leader of the working class in South Africa. You are our only hope.” We are really thankful for what Malema did for this poor woman.