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PICS: Master Kg welcomes his new car

Kgaogelo Moagi, known professionally as Master KG is a South African musician and record producer. His album Skeleton Move achieved acclaim including an AFRIMMA Award for Best Artist/Group in the African Electro category. Master Kg has really achived big this year. This year was difficult to lots of artist as they were not making money.

Artist were not performing, everybody was on lockdown and remember artist make money from performing or going to the gigs. Master Kg bought a new Benz. Few days back he received Ferrari. By only one mouth Master Kg has really achieved big like this.

Having a Ferrari and Benz by one year is not easy as those car are very expensive. Congratulations to him for his new car. This year was just Master Kg’s year as everything is going well for him. On music it is also going well, remember his song with Nomcebo “Jerusalem” is still trending and it is making money for him. Big up to Master Kg.