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PICS: Meet Cici’s secret Boyfriend

Songstress, Cici is not one to flaunt #relationshipgoals on social media, but sis is definitely one to leave trails that have eventually led us to the right person.

Last week, the Uhlalukwenza singer dropped a very cryptic pic of herself and her bae’s hands – which had her fans wondering who he might be. One thing’s for sure, Cici is happily in love.

After much digging, and a tip off from a source, we finally found the man who has the vocalist gushing about him – Puledi Manamela.


Puledi is a Rugby agent and sports entrepreneur who is involved in sports apparel and equipment. A few scrolls down the mystery bae’s Instagram handle and one can tell that ‘mans’ is in love, although quite subtle in his posts.



Now that you have the tea, happy holidays!

– ZAlebs