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PICS: Meet Connie Ferguson’s Son In Law… Her Grandson Ronewa’s Dad

There is no doubt that Connie Ferguson’s grandson Ronewa is the crown jewel of the family.

In 2015, Connnie Ferguson announced that she was going to be a grandmother, her daughter Lesedi was expecting a baby.

Lesedi Matsunyane Ferguson is Connie’s daughter from her previous marriage to filmmaker Neo Matsunyane, however she also sees Alex Ferguson as her dad and even took on his surname.

In a interview with All4Women magazine, Connie Ferguson revealed that she and Lesedi became even closer while she was expecting Ronewa, stating that even thought the pregnancy was unexpected, she wasn’t the one to judge her daughter.
Life happens, as a parent, you have your own dreams for your child, especially when it’s a daughter, as you want them to gain independence before they have children of their own.“But the reality is that we can’t live our children’s lives for them. I had Lesedi at 23, too, so who am I to judge?,”

Ronewa’s dad is celeb photographer Austin Malema.

Although Lesedi and Austin Malema never made their relationship public, he is very much a part of his son’s life.

It’s not certain what their relationship status is like as they don’t have pictures together and hardly talk about each other.

Connie Ferguson’s Son In Law… Her Grandson Ronewa’s Dad

Austin usually graces celeb A-List events like awards ceremonies, red carpet photo ops, he was also the photographer at Dineo and Zothile Langa’s wedding.

Most South African celebrities usually tag Austin Malema as the photographer on their pictures for events.

Austin once opened up to True Love Magazine about the unexpected pregnancy with Lesedi and what it means to be a father

To me, it’s taking responsibility from the get-go. Knowing you’ve made a mistake, ‘damages’ as it’s known culturally, and paying the fine is the first step. Also, accepting being present in your child’s life, physically and emotionally; it isn’t just financial. My dad became a part of my life later in my life, but only for financial needs.”

He also occasionally posts pictures having some cute dad-son time with Ronewa.
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