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PICS: Meet DJ Black Coffee’s New Girlfriend

Pictures of DJ Black Coffee raised so much noise on Social media as people had so many opinions about his personal life.

Black Coffee is a South African born DJ, he is 46 years old. He was born and raised in Durban South Africa in the KZN province.

He is a DJ, Record producer, Singer, Songwriter and an entrepreneur. He has been an active DJ since 1994, In September 2015 Black Coffee won Break through DJ of the year award in Ibiza.

He was married to an actress and television presenter Enhle Mbali Mlotshwa and had 2 children together. They divorced in 2019 because of many problems encountered.

Some of their marital problems were disclosed by his then wife Enhle Mbali on social media and alleged gender based violence was involved.

His ex wife too the matter to court where Black Coffee won the case against Enhle when she was asking the court to grant her protection order.

Black hosted the party which was believed to be private as the location was not disclosed, He was seen with the beautiful melaninal girl whom he was giving kisses in his party.

On video posted on social media he was telling her that he was thankful of her being present in his party and started her kisses.

DJ Black Coffee seemed very happy and was ranting more as he is a person who doesn’t really say much at times.