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PICS: Meet Prince Kaybee’s side chick, he finally confessed

On the trending side of Twitter it seem prince KAYBEE was spotted as an unfaithful man and the public was not impressed at all about the way he was cheating on his current girlfriend. He shows he girlfriend off and he even introduced the girl to his mother and the rest of his family as the girl, he wants to spend the rest of his life with. It seems he has been having another one for his own secret batch a girl by the name Eurica.

He has been keeping her a secret ever since 2017 wow now that’s a long time to keep one person hidden won’t you say?. The girl has been the side for almost 5 years now and it seems she is tired from being the side she exposed him for being an unfaithful man.

Here is the pictures of the girl that exposed prince KAYBEE for bei y unfaithful to his girlfriend take a look at the pictures from Twitter. She has been kept hidden for a long time she broke her silence and now the news is trending and it’s not good at all for prince KAYBEE, being number one on the trending section 0f twitter. Here are a few pictures of his current beautiful girlfriend that he has been unfaithful to.

Twitter users have been curious on how he can cheat on such a beautiful lady it seems beauty sure has nothing with being a faithful man. Take a look at prince kaybees pictures of the confession since he was denying that he is cheating. Twitter has been roasting him for a while now here are the comments that came after he posted his apology on Twitter take a look.