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PICS: Mzansi divided over Killer Kau’s girlfriend’s decision to move on

Amapiano star Killer Kau unfortunately died in a grisly road accident in August 2021, leaving much of Mzansi, as well as his girlfriend, heartbroken. But as it comes up on five months since his demise, the conversation begins on whether or not it’s too soon to move on.

The singer left the country shook when details emerged of his passing. He was on his way to a gig in Rustenburg, along with fellow Amapiano artists Mpura and Khanya Hadebe, as well as two other members of their road crew, when the incident happened, claiming all five lives.

Tributes poured in, including one from Lady Du, who had worked closely with them in the Amapiano industry and considered them her brothers. Among them was word from his girlfriend at the time of his passing, Olwethu Mkhwanazi.

Olwethu took to social media to share videos of them together and the loving moments they shared. She left him a heartfelt tribute, which drove many to tears.

Now that it has been five months, it has been reported that she is ready to move on, and fans are not sure how they feel about that. According to Mzansi Social Network, she is reported to have said she would be ready for a new relationship now, even though she misses Killer Kau every day.

As the news did the rounds online, social media users took to the comments to express their feelings about her decision.

Some of the singer’s fans feel like it’s too soon for her to be moving on already. It has only been five months, and for most people who loved him, the wound of his demise is still very raw in their hearts. It therefore feels like she has not taken enough time to mourn him, and that the progress is coming on too fast.

Others, however, think that she is completely justified to be ready to move on. According to them, she was his girlfriend, not his wife. Apparently, that should mean the attachment was less and they hadn’t been together that long, so she has every right to move on.

They think she is only a young woman and should be allowed to live a full life going forward. If that includes finding a new relationship, then by all means, she should feel free to do that.

The passing of a loved one can be very traumatic, so it is Olwethu’s prerogative to move on as and when she sees fit and feels ready. In the five months he has been gone, she has probably dealt with a lot of emotion, considering she has also been receiving the awards he’s won posthumously. That alone would be enough to retraumatize her, not forgetting the fact that she wakes up every morning to a world without someone she loved so much and shared a life with.

We hope she is feeling better, and that when she is ready for it, she will find healing and the love that she yearns and deserves. Our hearts go out to Olwethu.