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PICS: Mzansi react as Mohale comes out as straight

Mohale Motaung Mhlongo born on the 9 of July 1994, is a 26 years old entrepreneur, student, model and actor. He is popular for playing the role of a confident gay economics student, Odirile in the MTV Shuga series.

He is married to Somizi Mhlongo, one of Mzansi’s biggest entertainer and tv personnel. After Mohale and Somizi were noticed to have separated, the social media streets wanted to know what was happening. It was not confirmed as they will divorce or not, but their relationship looked a bit unwell.

None of them was saying anything about separating or not staying together anymore, it was just noticed when they took off their wedding rings.

Mohale went on to posting pictures alone without his husband Somizi, and that was the same from the other side. Until Mohale posted a picture on Facebook saying that he is straight.

That was shocking because he got married to a man. Comments circulated around with people saying Mohale was in that relationship for money.

However, it was reported that Somizi patiently waiting for Mohale to officially dump him ‘cheating is no deal-breaker!’.

Well, the drama is far from over as Somizi and Mohale continue to take a swipe against each other. No doubt they have turned their bedroom affairs into one of those typical reality shows in Mzansi.

In the mix of things, Somizi seems to have a big heart for Mohale and doesn’t mind being cheated on. Well, who is Mohale cheating with though? From the look of things, it seems as if Somizi seems to be the one being implicated in daring cheating allegations.

Somizi Mhlongo-Motaung has stated boldly that he would not leave his partner should he get cheated on. The cheating could happen several times, as many as 75 times, but he would not leave instead he would forgive 75 times.

The media personality said these shocking statements on the latest episode of Metro FM’s popular segment from Dineo Ranaka and Naked DJ‘s The Bridge, called #AskAMan. The popular segment which has helped fix many relationships sees callers seeking help in their relationships and Somizi always gives the most hilarious advice.