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PICS: Nadia Nakai Bonds With AKA’s Dog

Nadia Nakai just cannot seem to hide it anymore. It’s almost as if she wants people to find out or grow even more suspicious of her rumoured relationship with rapper AKA.

Sure, sis does not owe anybody an explanation or confirmation but her die-hard fans are longing to find out if the two rappers are indeed a couple. If this latest development is not convincing enough that they might just be a couple, then we don’t know what will.

She shared a clip of her bonding with AKA’s pooch King Louis, which he adopted last year when he was still a puppy. MrLouWorldWide, as AKA refers to him, has a pretty large following on Instagram of 3572 followers.

In the video, Nadia can be heard telling Lou that he is getting obsessed with her as she brushes him softly. When she attempts to take her hand away from him, he tries to grab it so she can continue brushing him gently.

Now, it could be that Nadia is playing with another dog and it is not AKA’s but why would she buy the same exact breed as her rumoured boyfriend? It’s safe to conclude that it is indeed AKA’s black and white pooch.

We have previously pointed out numerous reasons why fans would think the two are an item.

Firstly they kept referring to each other as ‘Secret Santa’ for Christmas. AKA bought Nadia a fancy diamond encrusted Rolex. It wasn’t long until AKA called himself Secret Santa that fans thought there is something brewing between them.

They then took a much deserved holiday in the wild and each shared snaps in the very same locations. During their trip, a person who spotted them contacted Maphepha Ndaba, an Instagram gossip page, and said Nadia is smitten and wants to take things to the next level – which is making their relationship official.

“Nadia is in love and can’t hide it anymore. A little bird keeps whispering to Admin on how Nadia is even ready to take things to the next level. The lovebirds even go on vacation now.

“Those close to the couple says Nadia wants to make things official and public but AKA is not really sure if it’s a good idea or not,” reads a part of the post.

Now, Nadia is well aware of what people on social media are saying and she is unbothered by the hate. People are telling her to get a parachute which is very insensitive.

Just last week she had hinted at how she wants to stay away from social media but after AKA came under fire for not helping out an aspirant musician, she saw it necessary to resume her social media activity just to comfort AKA.

With the rivalry between AKA and Cassper, one cannot help but wonder if Nadia has anything to do with it seeing how she and Cassper were pretty close.