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Pics of old men having a nice time with young girls has shaken Social Media users “You all deserve jail”

Post created by Vusi Radebe on Facebook has grabbed so much attention in a short space of time. The post had so many people throwing their opinions in the comment sections.

More specifically women were provoked, and shared their sentiments, and how they think this type of men deserves punishment. This post has created mixed emotions, and it has led to men also retaliating and defending their gender based on their opinions.

So many comments were shared, and other Facebook users started quoting laws, whereas others were viewing this matter in an African tradition point of view. In the past it was normal that old people marry young girls, but because of the new era, things have changed and women feel threatened when they see this type of posts.

It is fun and interesting to read down the comments, because you learn a lot and see how people differ, by sharing their opinions based on experience with this type of situation, or from a parent point of view. Others concluded that the motive behind this type of behavior is money, and it is difficult to change it.

This post is still trending and people are engaging a lot.