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PICS: Only women will understand what’s going on here

As adults, we, too, have fundamental needs. And one of our most important desires, the need to learn and be understood, gets even less attention than it deserves.

We may miss vital signals, miss out on chances, miss out on developments in time to react appropriately, and go in a completely different direction if we don’t have the ability to interpret what someone says or the context behind their words. Worse, we are much more likely than others to prosper from selfish actions if we lack empathy.

Similarly, we are always left puzzled, irritated, neglected, angry, misinterpreted, and taken for granted if others are unable to comprehend us. If we are continually misunderstood and do little to help fix the problem, we will get unhappy and depressed.

How do we improve our understanding of others while still making it easy for them to understand us?

Begin by planning exactly what you’re going to say far ahead of time. Using the breathing system of inhaling and exhaling if this is impossible. After you’ve determined how you want to phrase your words, take one or two deep breaths (you can do this without seeming too obvious).