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PICS: Oprah Winfrey’s break the internet

Have you ever had to do a double take because there’s no way what you see in front of you could be what you think it is? That is what happened to tweeps all over the world on Tuesday when a sxy, semi-nud3 picture of a woman who has a striking resemblance to Oprah Winfrey surfaced on their TL.

The snap was posted by Afrobeat artist L.A.X. It shows a man resting his head on his woman’s waist whilst she’s dressed in nothing but his shirt and bum shorts.

Tweeps almost had mini heart attacks when they realised just how much the woman in the picture looks like Oprah.

Many had to look twice to ensure that it was not the media mogul in the picture, which saw her name ride up the trends list on Twitter. Most were relieved to find that it isn’t her because firstly that would be “wild” and secondly what would that mean for Stedman Graham?

It sure ain’t Oprah but damn such resemblance is a crime!