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PICS: Radio and TV host Anele Mdoda in a horrific car accident

Seasoned Radio and TV host Anele Mdoda was involved in a car accident over the weekend. In the wake of a horrific accident, the media personality indicated that she was fine. However, she also shared a series of pictures of herself wearing a moon boot.

The controversial host who has been making all sorts of headlines for the wrong reasons shared her side of the story today.

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She explained the incident during her breakfast show, Anele and The Club. Anele said she had just flown back from home in the Eastern Cape and was at OR Tambo International Airport when the accident happened.

In her side of the story, Anele has it that she was waiting for her boyfriend to pick her up from the airport. Established news has it that the accident happened at a pick-up point on the ground floor.

“There I am, waiting to get picked up and now I’m standing where everyone is standing, waiting to get picked up. The next thing, I feel the biggest pressure forcing me to the ground. It is the most bizarre feeling, so I think ‘oh I’m getting mugged, so I turn to grab whoever is mugging me,” she said.

“Then I’m on the floor and I’m wondering what is going on. The next thing I feel my right foot is just stuck. I’m trying to move it, but it’s stuck. Now I can’t move my entire body, but there’s something on top of me. Guys, did I not get hit by a car!” she exclaimed.

Anele said after she was hit, the driver didn’t move the car on top of her. Instead, he got out and started blaming her for the accident and said it happened because she was on her phone. The Celebrity Game Night host said the shoe she was wearing saved her ankle.

She said her ankle was fortunately not broken.

“It’s not broken, in fact, I think the moon boot is a bit of an overkill, but the doctor didn’t want me to go home, the one that I saw. The biggest bruise is the skin scrape which is just 4cm above my ankle.

There’s a huge wound, I kept on saying to the doctors it’s burning, I feel a burning sensation. But it turned out I had scraped that entire side when he dragged me on the tar,” Anele said.