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PICS: She Drove Home In A Porsche After Saying ‘YES’

Women love to be spoilt in a relationship, they love it when their man keeps giving them all sorts of gifts every now and then, being taken out to some fancy restaurants and hotels, getting pampered, she feels like a queen of some sort if she gets all those in her man, but they also love getting a white wedding and this guy have proposed to his woman in an unusual way.

Pictures are making rounds on social media where a guy made her girlfriend’s dream of getting a marriage proposal come true, but the guy made sure that when he proposes to the love of his life, it is in a special way that will catch the headlines of every publication, he is literally giving the rest of the guys out there an example of how they should propose.

On the pictures, the gentleman took his lady to a vehicle selling outlet, not sure how he convinced her, maybe he told her he was going to buy himself a vehicle, but when they got there, she was shocked when she saw the words “WILL YOU MARY ME’ on the floor, written with roses and they were next to a Porsche, as she was still shocked, her boyfriend went down on his knee and popped the question while showing her the magnificent ring, even if he did something hurtful, no woman in her normal senses can turn down such proposal, and she said yes.

This has caused so much stir on social media with some guys saying this guy is giving them pressure while some women are envying this woman, they say she found herself a treasure and she should make sure that she keeps it no matter what, they feel she is probably the luckiest woman alive, some wish they were in her shoes.