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PICS: Simphiwe Ngema hit with a hot brick, Tino Chinyane moves on with a hot celebrity?

Tino Chinyane, a modeler, and Simphiwe Ngema, an actress, were in a relationship shortly after Simz lost her husband after he was shot during a hijack. The two have a handsome baby boy and what seemed to be a fairytale ended in a shock after the baby turned 1. Simz announced their break up in a post and after a month the two finally unfollowed each other on social media.

Tino and Simphiwe still posted each other after the break up and all of a sudden they unfollowed each other. People were wondering if they were just joking about their break up but they finally broke up because of an undisclosed reason.

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Well the reason might be a beautiful influencer and DJ, by the name of Cyan Boujee. Tino has been posting saucy pictures of Cyan on Instagram. Although they seem to be business partners, there is no reason for Tino to post her if Cyan is not doing the same thing. Tino likes attention, so this might be a stunt to get more followers on his side but it is quite sad to see all this happening in front of Simphiwe.

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