Home Entertainment PICS: Someone’s boyfriend is spotted bathing on the stage

PICS: Someone’s boyfriend is spotted bathing on the stage

A guy is spotted on a stage whereby he came to the podium in a surprising manner of bathing, while people are watching and as for social media they really want to know, whom he is in a relationship with.

They want to know his girlfriend or the girlfriend whom he is in a relationship with, because they are not approving of what his boyfriend is doing on this stage and it is embarrassing for them on behalf of his partner.

Not only his behaviour on the stage catches people’s attention, but also his hairstyle that looks very much different than others and Twitter reveals that, he is from the Limpopo province in Venda.

His stage performance is really hilarious just watching him for his performance and trying to entertain his audience. But when it comes to his other online audience, they are not really approving of his performance.

Clearly entertainment is growing and people are coming up with unforeseen or extraordinary ideas of what they should do on the stage, to simply entertain their audiences and that is what he is doing, clearly his a comedian or an Actor.

If he is your boyfriend or he is your partner, would you let him perform this kind of stage performance or maybe you would just let him do what he wants to do and get paid, is up to you.