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PICS: South African Celebs Who Are Young, Rich, And Single! See Their Net Worth

Being a public figure often means attracting a lot of opportunities for making money, but not everyone has the business sense to capitalize on such. However, some of our ZAlebs have honed this skill at a young age, and we couldn’t be prouder.

So gather around, ladies and gentlemen. We have a list of some of the richest, young ZAlebs. The best part? They’re all under 40, and single!

Cassper Nyovest

Musician Refiloe Maele Phoolo who goes by the stage name Cassper Nyovest, is likely the richest rapper in Mzansi.

As of 2021, he owns two Bentleys and a Mercedes Benz, both status symbols that he is swimming in money. And all of this he achieved young, as the rapper is only 30 years old.

While he got his start as a musician, it is likely his record label, Family Tree Records, that spurred him to such financial heights. He also has multiple brand endorsements including Ciroc and Samsung South Africa. In addition, he owns a sneaker company called Root of Fame, and has a liquor brand called Billiato.

As of the writing of this article, Don Billiato is single.

Net worth: $3 Million

DJ Zinhle

Zinhle Jinaye is one of the country’s most renowned DJs. She has managed to climb her way to the top of a male dominated industry, and always reaches out to help other upcoming female DJs too. She is an undisputed queen of her craft, and in other ways too.

In addition to her craft, 37 year old DJ Zinhle is also a producer and a businesswoman. She is the CEO of Boulevard RosΓ©, a wine company. She is also the founder and owner of ERA By DJ Zinhle and Hair Majesty by DJ Zinhle, a jewelry/watch company and a hair weave company, respectively.

DJ Zinhle is not strictly single, depending on your definition of the word. Is she married? No, she is not. But she is in a loving, happy relationship with Murdah Bongz. So you decide whether that makes her single or not.

Net worth: $1.49 Million

Trevor Noah

While he has since moved to United States, Trevor Noah is one of Mzansi’s proudest sons. The 34 year old comedian has managed to amass impressive wealth.

He currently hosts “The Daily Show”, and occasionally has stand up comedy tours. Although he was in a long term committed relationship with American actress Minka Kelly, the two broke up earlier in 2021, and he hasn’t been reported to be with anyone else since.

Net worth: $30 Million

Pearl Thusi

We have no choice but to stan our multitalented queen, Pearl Thusi. She is a model, a radio and TV host, and occasionally graces music videos. And she is only 30 years old!

She is a formidable entrepreneur in addition to wearing all of the hats listed above. Black Pearl is her hair care line, which she introduced in 2015. She also owns Premium Black Rose Gin, an alcoholic beverage about which she promotes on her social media sites on a daily basis.

Net worth: $2 Million


Kiernan Jarryd Forbes, who goes by AKA, is one of the richest musicians in Africa. He is a rapper, a record producer and an entrepreneur.

The 33 year old once bought a mansion worth R3 Million just like that. He partners with the vodka brand Cruz, and has a signature drink by the company under his name.

Net worth: $12 Million

Obviously, what these ZAlebs have achieved is no small feat. And money, and that kind of hardwork and dedication, instantly make them more attractive. So go ahead, Mzansi. Shoot your shot; they’re all single (technically). You never know. Good luck! – ZAlebs