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PICS: VW drivers remain undefeated in South Africa

VW drivers have been well known for their smooth skills and slick life in South Africa. The car is so popular in South Africa that it is going to take time before another car trends like that.

Pictures of a VW car have been trending on Twitter and these have left many marveled by the extent of innovativeness displayed. With what looks like a Mobile Tent or Mobile Shed people on social media are just impressed by the level of creativity.

The car appears to be at a road block and the police looks as surprised by the white VW Polo. Taking to twitter some pass comments like

“He can always get away with the I am at the carwash babe excuse all the time lol.”

“I guess the sun roof is stuck open and it will not close hahahaha.”

“Is this good enough to be considered as a secured garage facility?”

What appears to be funny is the car is full of men who seem ready to have a good time. The VW is so popular in Mzansi that in 2020 it was the second best selling car in South Africa. However, like anything else the car has other people who think negatively and so little of the owners of these cars.

In March a couple crashed in their VW and died on the spot. Taking to twitter some had to comments heartless things like,

“VW and Golf drivers have small minds, poverty minds. They want to prove a point on the roads with their tin can cars.”

It is without doubt that VW owners are the most reckless drivers in Mzansi but it is never right to degrade other people or say bad about the dead. Instead every one must drive responsibly and adhere to road traffic regulations.