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Pictures Of Shepard Bushiri Before Starting ECG Church

This Is How The Man Of God Looked Like Before Going The Prophetic Way.The Major 1 is currently facing a rough page, which others are calling the fruits of his womb. however we cannot judge what people think because 10 out of 15 South Africans has suffered some losses from the Malawian boy`s investment schemes.So today i have decided to look for some old photos of how he looked like before knowing how to use a shower.

Yeah a lot of people will definitely be against yeah I know this was not a good idea,but just for the record people should know right?.So if this does not sit good with you find a nice place to chill.We are not against your Major 1 but he just looked like this before being a prophet.

So guys this i just for the checks so leave a comment below if you have something to say about this guy.What i have concluded is that the guy went broke for a long time which most of us do.Then what happened? We all know he started looking for avenues to make money which the pockets of our friends,family and relatives.

We have not figured out yet what the boy used in order to blind fold our people, but the thing was very powerful and it works just fine till today.People are still going crazy with the boy`s stunts.If you try and calculate the numbers of people who came out to protest we might build a city.Yeah i know i`m being crazy but it`s normal because i have seen how Bushiri`s addiction charm works.

Have you ever seen how he manipulates them,he can say “Your mother iflemale am i rying” and do you know what his followers will do?.Yeah you have the answer they freak out and scream papa we love you Oh!!.