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Pitso Mosimane’s salary on Al ahly has been revealed, and it’s too much!

The Absa premier league ended with an amazing blast for the Sundows fans and the players included. A lot of sundows fans were super excited to take yet another premiere league trophy home, but they were hit with the bad news that they’d have to lose their coach, the coach who has been leading to so many victories that Sundows was starting to seem like the team that is almost impossible to beat.

Pitso Mosimane decided to take a job working for the Egyptian team Al ahly which is known as one of the most dominating teams in Africa as a whole. I’m sure a lot of people have been curious has to how much Pitso was offered to go and work for the Egyptian giants, well I’m happy to say that Pitso was offered such a huge amount of money that he is currently the highest earning coach from south Africa.

It was a said that while he was working for Sundows he was paid somewhere around R800 000 to R1 million Rands, well in AL Ahly he is said to be earning a monthly income of 270 000 dollars which in South African Rands converts to R4,5 million every month. Clearly Pitso is making quite enough money to actually earn him a spot on the richest people’s list in South Africa.

Pitso has been doing amazing as the coach of AL Ahly, although he just went in he has managed to lead the Egyptian giants to a CAF win and has earned respect from most Egyptian people and players themselves.